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About Janey



credentials and experience

Janey Brown has been a wellness professional for over a decade. She’s led hundreds of yoga, Joga and fitness classes and coached some of the best athletes in the NHL, CFL and Olympics.

Brown has also been practising meditation since she was 13, performing publicly for 20 over years and is the creator of the Performance Mindset Program.

Her background in fitness began with competitive gymnastics, followed by 8 years of training in Shorin-Ryu Karate style Kickboxing. After achieving her black belt and becoming a certified kickboxing instructor, she jumped into Toronto’s health & wellness industry and began leading fitness and yoga classes all over the city.

Brown's extensive credentials in various styles of training (see below) ensures the coaching she offers in mindset, meditation and movement is like no else in the world.

Her experience and knowledge have granted her the opportunity to coach the NHL players from the Gary Roberts High Performance Training camp for three seasons and provide education for companies such as Bank of Montreal and CBRE.

In 2015, she acquired the role of "Joga Head Coach" at The Joga Company and leads several 40 hour Joga (yoga for athletes) coach training programs to aspiring coaches in North America.

It's no secret to the public that Brown has struggled with anxiety and depression for over half of both her music and wellness careers. However, the darkness she's walked through and fear she's had to face didn't slow her down.

Instead, Brown found a way to triumph her tribulations and build a bridge to help others do the same, by creating the "Performance Mindset Program"  (a unique online course to help a broad spectrum of leaders become resilient to anxiety in their personal and professional lives). 

In just the first year, her mindset coaching has been able to change the lives of lawyers, realtors, music producers, performers, artists, wellness pros and professional athletes from NASCAR and the Olympics. 

Her story of triumph now serves as incredible motivation for the schools she speaks at across North America.

In addition to being a wellness expert and Performance Mindset Coach, Brown is also a professional singer and is the official “Friday Night Football” anthem singer for CFL on TSN.

Brown’s mission is simple: service to others in the broadest capacity humanly possible. 

"I've dedicated my purpose to helping leaders of any genre, turn their fear into fuel and live a rockstar life." - Janey Brown, Singer/Speaker| Wellness Expert| Performance Mindset Coach| Fearce Academy Founder

Wellness Credentials:

  • Black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate Kickboxing
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification (Ashtanga, Hatha + Power Vinyasa)
  • 40hr JOGA Coach Certification (yoga for athletes) x5
  • 200hr Naam Yoga Therapies Certification (sound & breath therapy)
  • 55hr HEAL Training Certification with Blu Matter Project (yoga for mental health) 
  • 30 hr Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training with David Emerson
  • Certified Joga Head Coach
  • Certified Harmonyum Healing I & II practitioner (energy healing)
  • NCCP Level 1 Coaching

"Janey has been a valuable addition to our recovery team, her understanding of the body through breath and movement has become a great tool in aiding our athletes’ recovery and future performance.
Her experience and knowledge are evident in the way Janey approaches each session, and we are happy to have her on the Gary Roberts High-Performance Training Team." Gary Roberts, NHL 23 -year Alumni, Founder of Gary Roberts High-Performance Training

"I really enjoyed going through the Performance Mindset Program with Janey. I definitely learned a lot and have some tools that will stick with me for the rest of my life. In the course of our time, I went from speaking to 90 people to 900 and I couldn't have done that without her. I would recommend this program to everyone. Its not just about stage fright or performance anxiety, its about overcoming fear in general. And, we all have some type of fear. Janey is an expert at giving you tools to attack and overcome fear.
Her program is simple and practical on the surface, but has incredible depth and impact."
Mike Metcalf Jr., NASCAR athlete, Speaker 



JOGA Head Coach

JOGA Head Coach



Since becoming the first ever certified JOGA (yoga for athletes) trainer in 2011...

Janey Brown has worked with the Toronto Argonauts, NHL players from the Gary Roberts High Performance Training, Olympic athletes and UFC fighters.

In 2015, Brown took on the role of "Joga head Coach" at The Joga Company and leads several 40 hour Joga Coach training programs to aspiring coaches in North America.

Read more about Janey's Joga career highlights and the Joga program itself on Janey's JOGA BLOG

To book a Joga class or Joga Coach Training with Janey, contact her HERE

"I've gained incredible amounts of personal and professional growth upon getting involved with Joga and I'm so exited to be a part of something that is becoming a global success."

JOGA Coach Training with Janey Brown

About JOGA:
"JOGA is the discipline of yoga combined with the SCIENCE AND BIOMECHANICS OF MOVEMENT. The program was designed for the body of an athlete, the mind of an athlete and the industry of sport." - Creator/Founder Jana Webb

Visit OFFICIAL JOGA website:






Janey started practicing meditation at age 13 & TEACHES A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT STYLES to individuals and corporate groups:

Meditation Background

As many of you already know from My Story, I started practising meditation at age 13 to better cope with the stage fright I struggled with as a teenager and young adult.

Since then, I've studied breath and sound therapy in the 200h Naam Yoga Therapies program, which has given me a deeper understanding of how to balance the nervous system through breathing meditations and how sound vibrations effect our brainwaves, build new neural pathways and uplift our mood.

I've also taken two 30 hour HEAL Trainings (yoga for mental health) facilitated by the Blu Matter Project, as well as a 30 hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga certification with yoga therapist David Emereson. 
These courses educated me on developing emotional awareness through mindfulness exercises, the science of the brain, as well as  how to support those dealing mental illness.

Above all, one of the most powerful and consistent experiences to date has been my personal study and practise of cultivating spirituality, self awareness and developing positive neural pathways.

The spiritual connection, liberation and balance meditation and breath work have added to my life have been so profound that there's no other option for me than to start sharing this knowledge.
Thus, I've fused my decades of experience  as a wellness leader, performer, meditator and the triumph of my very own stage fright into the PERFORMANCE MINDSET PROGRAM.
Mindfulness, breathing and creative visualization (guided) meditations are the main tools incorporated into this program. 

Why Meditate?

  • creates a gap between stimuli and response, allowing one to step out of reaction and choose their action
  • develops deeper self awareness
  • balances the nervous system and emotions
  • improves memory and concentration
  • decreases chronic production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline
  • promotes restful sleeps
  • more efficient oxygen use by the body, thus more energy
  • redirects energy from the lower, survival parts of the brain brain, up to the cerebral cortex, producing new neural pathways, positive physiological responses and solution based thinking


Meditation Styles

  • Transcendental Mediation/ Chanting Mantra: used to transcend distracting or disturbing thought patterns, and redirect thought energy to promote a state of relaxed awareness and positive emotion
  • Breathing Mediation: various ancient breath techniques derived from Kundalini yoga, used to provide conscious awareness of thought process, balance nervous system and improve cognitive performance
  • Creative Visualization/ Guided Meditation: involves concentration upon an image or imaginary environment, often using rich context story. Used to manifest desired outcomes.
  • Mindfulness: the use of one’s “impartial spectator” (3rd party awareness) to ‘be present’ and conscious of deeper mental, emotional and physical states
  • Deep Meditation (ISUL method): a state where reflection or response to stimuli and active thought processes are absent. The mind becomes “silent” and the body goes into deep relaxation in order to increase energy pathways for growth and healing.

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In addition to coaching professional athletes & teaching meditation janey...

Has delivers educational health and wellness presentations to schools and corporate groups, as well as leads life changing retreats around the world.

Here is a little bit about her experience as a wellness leader at Panacea Wellness retreats.

"Panacea Wellness was founded by two east coast ginger sisters- Cleo & Sylvie Tetrault.
In the summer of 2015, they asked another East Coast girl Mischaela Richter and myself to join their team.

Cleo is a high powered ninja masseuse who takes care of all the retreat details and logistics, and who could easily bring a 7ft, 400 pound football player to tears on her massage table.
She is small, but trust me- she is mighty. At the same she has a kindness in her heart that can warm up the entire room, making you feel completely safe and at ease in her care.

Mischaela is an energetic healer, who delights everyone with Reiki at our retreats and may have a natural talent at showing people just how hard they are capable of laughing. After meeting and spending time with Mischaela for 3 days, I'm pretty convinced we're part of the same family of magical mermaids. 

Sylvie is a strong, tenacious woman who inspires and motivates her clients everyday. She takes care of all the nutrition and fitness classes at the retreat and has a wealth of knowledge that enchants everyone who chooses to learn from her. 

I'm incredibly grateful to be working with this team of like-minded, driven women, and excited for the wellness retreats and seminars we'll be hosting in 2017." - Janey


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