Janey has a unique passion for what she does shows every time she is in front of a client or teaching a class. Janey’s electric yet calming personality makes you want to be in her company, she truly is an inspiration.
— Sylvie Tetrault, Pro athlete Nutritionist & Trainer
The JOGA teacher training with Janey was very thorough and informative. The way she drove home the messages pertaining to the “hows and whys” of the JOGA postures and program was second to none; Her teaching has also aided in increasing my knowledge with regards to biomechanics and how to help others find their personal successes within each JOGA posture. Beyond the education of the JOGA program, Janey has taught me that no one is perfect and that we are all human. She has taught me that we all have highs and lows and that we all make mistakes; and it is how we push through our low times and doubts that can make us stronger and more successful. Thanks Janey!
— Deni Wolf, Applied Science Tech; Farmer; JOGA Instructor
Janey taught in the Joga Teacher Training I took in September 2015.
She was an amazing leader and coach.
She was unbelievably knowledgeable about both the body and the program.
It was her amazing leadership and encouragement that I owe her a big thank you for!
— Kerry Colghlan, Yoga instructor
Attending Janey’s classes has made me so much stronger in a number of ways, including my overall muscular and core strength, alignment, ability to understand and go deeper into poses and completing poses and core exercises in a more effective way, more focus and ability to remain calm in chaos, deeper breathing and the list goes on.... Some of the really cool aspects that I’ve discovered by attending her classes are the strength I didn’t know I had, the ability to realign body parts that hurt going into class and feel great coming out and my favourite, how a smile can get me through an exercise that seems impossible! Janey - you are awesome! Your teaching techniques are superior!
— MJ G., Law Clerk
After 5 minutes in Janey’s Bosu Burn I was dripping in sweat, face beet red and hoping for a miracle to get me through the class. Janey has a way about her that makes you want to push on - makes you want to do better - makes you really think that you can do it (when sometimes you can’t - but positive thinking always leads to positive results right?). She’s a great teacher, very down to earth and real. I get bored really easily, what I like about Janey’s classes are that I never get bored. Always a great class.
— Lindsey Sattich, Banker
I usually walk into Janey’s class hopelessly exhausted, but after 45 minutes, I leave feeling both energized and invigorated. Her positive motivation, knowledge of the body and desire to work out with the class makes her an ideal instructor.
— Scott Galley, Graphic Designer
I always look forward to Janey’s class. I’ve been training with her now for roughly five years and her enthusiasm and high energy are infectious. Janey’s continued dedication and caring nature for her students is remarkable. I look forward to continuing training with her for years to come.
— Sabina Poirier, Brand Manager - Wines & Spirits
Janey not only helped me to better my postures, but her positive outlook and knowledge of the way our bodies move allowed me to regain some of my confidence. Her advice to give my all, but not hit extremes, really made me understand that it’s ok to not be able to do a position perfectly. She helped me to understand why my body moved the way it did and to acknowledge that it’s ok to take the classes slowly.
Her professionalism and attitude definitely impacted my experience with yoga in a positive and enlightening way. I’m going to push myself to be better with each class, but learn to benchmark in my own way, within my own abilities, rather than measure my success through everyone else’s experiences.
— Mariaveronica Barbuto, Coordinator - Project Management Sector
I am really thankful that I’m taking Janey’s class! I have been breathing more consciously ever since, while noticing that I am feeling more grounded. I think if I continue to work on my breath I will improve the quality of my thoughts.
I love the music, the atmosphere, and the constant encouragement. I want to grow more in my yoga practice both physically and mentally. I hope that more yoga instructors can learn from Janey’s method! I look forward to taking another class! :)
— Katherine Kehoe, Professional Writer
Janey Brown has taught me many different types of Yoga practices, ranging from Shakti Naam to Joga. She has influenced my life in a very positive way, and she has brought a lot of tranquility into my life. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge of yoga with the help of this wonderful woman.
— Rebecca Banfi, Artist
I have taken Yoga/Joga with Janey over the past 1 1/2 years. Her classes are always harder than other Yoga I do. The first class I took I thought I would never complete. It was very hard. But with persistence, I was able to get better and better. I have a herniated disc problem that has been an issue for quite some time. Joga, has made my back feel better than ever as my flexibility has improved significantly. I play a lot of sports (hockey, golf, baseball) and I am playing better now than I did 10 years ago, as my mobility has improved quite a bit. The classes are also fun, especially when Janey reminds us to smile.
— Brian, Chief Financial Officer
I’ve had the privilege of attending Janey’s yoga classes. She radiates positive energy. She challenges you in her classes, with moves that are always anatomically safe. I’ve attended yoga classes with many different yoga instructors at many different studios, and Janey is one of the best.
— James Koo, Actuary
Mindfulness is connection between our mind and our body. Janey has helped me learn mindfulness through breath from her Neuro Yoga classes. She is fully engaged and immersed in her teaching, and that’s what inspires and encourages all of her students to be on the journey with her. At the end of the class, I know a bit more about myself, a bit more confident than I was at whatever I wish to achieve in my life, and a bit more thoughtful overall in life. Often students don’t leave once the class ends. It seems as if students hope to get more of Janey, and her mindful meditation. It has been both a remarkable learning experience and privilege for me to have known and worked with Janey.
— Abhishek Sharma, Business Consultant
She is a very talented instructor, clear and concise and pushes her clients to their maximum. After her classes I feel energized, at peace with the world and sleep really well. I cannot recommend Janey highly enough! She is one of the best yoga instructors I know.
— Paula H., Executive Assistant
You will always have the opportunity to push yourself physically and mentally in Janey’s classes. The peppering of some spiritual insights and perspectives makes her work even more special and powerful.
— Rajat Khanna, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management
Janey is an incredible and motivating instructor, and I always try hard not to schedule other meetings during her class time...Janey is encouraging but tough, and her knowledge of yoga is clearly extensive.
— Chris Hines, Consultant
My journey with Janey has helped me to experience my practice in a different light, bringing a heightened awareness to breathe and movement. The professionalism, knowledge and passion that she displays every week inspires me to deepen my own dedication to my practice and helps me in my day to day life.
— Jo-Anne Vassallo, Client Service Manager
Love Janey’s classes - challenging, fun, positive and incredibly delightful!
— Pinoo Bindhani, Director, Special Projects
I’ve taken Neuro Yoga and JOGA with Janey - her positive energy is simply infectious and you always know you’re in for a challenging workout!
— Karma Dolkar, Lawyer
Janey is great for newcomers like myself, as she is experienced and welcoming to all. Janey is clear on her instructions, she will correct or modify to prevent injuries if any attendees find some poses challenging.
I felt incredibly refreshed and relaxed, and look forward to the next class!
— Luis Yugue, Expense Processor for BMO
I am a breast cancer survivor and although I practice yoga for many reasons, the number one reason is to prevent cancer reoccurrence. Janey’s Neuro Yoga class includes intense yoga breathing which is an excellent anti-cancer practice since cancer doesn’t do well with oxygen. The visualization techniques Janey incorporates help foster a healthy mind/body connection. Janey’s class also provides an excellent ab workout so it’s a very well rounded class. In addition, Janey’s strong, positive energy is contagious and makes me feel good.
— Vivian
Janey’s classes are fun and energetic. Her positive attitude and good vibe as an instructor makes the class a lot of fun while the dynamism and athleticism of the poses help me get a good stretch while still feeling like I had a good workout. Keep up the good work and positive attitude. :)
— Jorge Adib, Investment Associate

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